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Introducing our talented conductor

Sherrie Dunford

Rich Harmonies

Sherrie Farr Dunford was born into a musical family.  Her father was a singer, and her mother had that magical gift of being able to play on the piano anything she heard.  It was inevitable that the two would get together, which meant Sherrie would grow up hearing them sing and play hundreds of songs, which in turn would give her a deep love for a good melody and rich harmonies. 

Music Tree

Music of Tchaikovsky

Her real love for classical music developed when she began ballet lessons.  She especially loved the music of Tchaikovsky, not in a small part because of the beautiful harp parts that he wrote for his ballets.  When the chance presented itself, Sherrie said YES to harp lessons.  She had played the piano since age three, making the transition to harp not as difficult as it might have been.  She became quite a good singer, and had the opportunity to solo with many groups in many places, and learned to play the guitar as a youngster.

"The choice to become a music major was a no-brainer."

Sherrie Dunford

Sounds of Freedom

 In college the choice to become a music major was a no-brainer.  While at BYU as an undergraduate, Sherrie studied piano with Marlene Bachelder, harp with Louise Pratt, and voice with Olga Gardner.  She also sang with the BYU Sounds of Freedom (forerunner to the Young Ambassadors) and toured widely with them.  She received her Bachelor of Music degree in 1983, and began teaching music in the public schools, a profession that she loved for 32 years until her retirement in 2016. 

Freedom of Music

Teacher Feature

In 2010 Sherrie received a particularly meaningful award, the KSL Teacher Feature, for which she was nomination by her students and their parents.   She received her Master of Music degree in Music Education with an emphasis in conducting, also from BYU, in 1995.  While working on her master’s degree, she was chosen by Dr. Clyn Barrus to direct the BYU Symphony Orchestra, one of the highlights of her life.  She has played harp and viola with Utah Valley Symphony for 35 years and has maintained a private studio for many years.  She has enjoyed making music with her husband Craig and their seven children over the years, and loves composing and arranging.

Nebo Philharmonic Orchestra Conductor
Sherrie Dunford


In addition to music, she loves to garden, crochet, hike and bike ride, and have fun with her family which includes Harley, a very cute and hairy Pomeranian doggy. 


Come see Sherrie at our next concert!